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Hanuman Ji Marriage History

Lord Hanuman is well known for his extreme devotion to Lord Rama. Lord Hanuman is always depicted in the Indian folklaire as an icon of true devotion and a symbol of the power of true devotion and chastity.
Lord Hanuman's devotion to Lord Rama is symbolic of the devotion of the enlightened individual soul towards the supreme soul.
Many stories from the Indian literature tell the tales of Lord Hanuman protecting devotees of Lord Rama and helping those who seek his either spiritually or otherwise. Swami Tulasidas has written these lines in respect of Lord Hanuman's great character, in praise of his powers and also devotion.

Hanuman JI Marriage History:

There are different stories of Hanuman's Marriage found in different religious texts .  If you are specific about knowing about what it is believed in Hinduism here is the answer.

1. According to the Writings of Sage Parasara , When hanuman approached Lord Surya to Learn Grammar  Surya says that it can be taught only to  Grahastha(Married Man)  and not to a celibate like Hanuman. Lord Surya Creates a women called Suvarchala with his Rays hanuman marries her in order to pursue his learning. 

There is another version of this which goes like this . After the successful completion of his education under his Guru Lord Surya , Hanuman asks him to order for a Guru dakshina . For which Surya asks Hanuman to marry his daughter Suvarchala . According to Surya  Since Suvarchala was born from the luminescence of Surya Hanuman being the Agni putra will only be able to bear her . He also promises Hanuman that his celibacy will not be disturbed and he'd remain a Brahmachari even after marriage. Hanuman agrees and gets married to his Guru's Daughter.

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2.  According to Valmiki Ramayan , Bharatha wanted to gift Hanuman with several wealthy gifts such as holy cows , fertile villages along with 16 beautiful wives.

 Here is the passage from Valmiki Ramayan 

 Valmiki Ramayana, Yuddha Kanda, Chapter 125, Verses 43 to 45: 

"देवो वा मानुषो वा त्वमनुक्रोशादिहागतः || ६-१२५-४३ 

प्रियाख्यानस्य ते सौम्य ददामि ब्रुवतः प्रियम् | 
गवां शतसहस्रं च ग्रामाणां च शतं परम् || ६-१२५-४४ 

सकुण्डलाः शुभाचारा भार्याः कन्याश्च षोडश | 
हेमवर्णाः सुनासोरूः शशिसौम्याननाः स्त्रियः || ६-१२५-४५ 

सर्वाभरणसम्पन्ना सम्पन्नाः कुलजातिभिः |" 

'devo vaa maanusho vaa tvamanukroshaadihaagatah || 6-125-43 

priyakhyanasya te saumya dadami bruvatah priyam | 
gavam shatasahasram cha gramanam cha shatam param || 6-125-44 

sakundalah shubhachara bharyah kanyashcha shodasha | 
hemavarnah sunasoruh shashisaumyananah striyah || 6-125-45 

sarvabharanasampanna sampannah kulajatibhih |' 
Bharata said Hanuman, 

"O the gentle one! Are you a divine being or a human being, who have come here out of compassion? To you, who have given this agreeable news to me, I shall give in return, for the pleasant tidings, a hundred thousand cows, a hundred best villages, and for wives, sixteen golden complexioned virgin girls of a good conduct, decked with ear-rings, having beautiful noses and thighs, adorned with all kinds of jewels, with charming countenances as delightful as the moon and born in a noble family." 

But hanuman didn't reply to this in the proceeding verses. So lose track of it there. :)

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